I had resolved this year to finally get my homemaker act together. So far, minus a not-as-productive week being sick, I have been doing all right in the housekeeping department. I’ve been working my list. I have had to start going above and beyond and begin working on the backlog of clutter while I work my list because in order to perform the tasks on my list, I have to be able to get to the spot. This has been a motivator for me to start getting consistent with moving through the 4 years of clutter accumulation that has been piling up on top of the existing clutter from our move into the home. Looking at the progress I’ve been making, though, has kept me inspired to keep going a little bit each day in addition to my chore list so that eventually I can finally switch gears to maintenance mode instead of disaster relief. I have a feeling this will probably be just around the time we are getting ready to move again, but at least I’ll be that much further along and will have less to pack when that time comes.

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